Conscious Kids Project

The Conscious Kids Project aims to encourage a love of reading while introducing children and young adults to contemporary issues, helping them become more aware of the world. The project will provide fiction and non-fiction books to reading programs in schools, libraries and community initiatives as well as educational facilities that serve low-income and at-risk children and teens. Book themes will focus on social issues such as bullying and peer pressure as well as on environmental issues, including sustainability.

Literature is a great tool to facilitate discussion about these concerns. Kids and teens can relate to characters and find a way to express their own difficulties by discussing the emotions brought forth in a story and the circumstances that led to them. Children can explore the world through reading, discovering different cultures, venturing into new ideas, and often broadening their perspectives about what’s possible for themselves and the world.

The power of the written word changes minds right from the start.

Help us develop reading capacity and open children up to the world of ideas in a way that only a good book can.

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